Hello! My name is Emma and I am an illustrator based in Glasgow, although I am originally from Barcelona.
My passion is illustration; I grew up in a family of artists (my great grandfather painted churches in Spain, my grandad boards for movie theaters in the 50's and as far as I remember my mum has always been painting), so from very young I have been surrounded by paints and brushes (and stains!). 
I have mantained this interest in art and design my whole life and kept on developing my practice with the aim of tell visual stories that can move the viewer and make them think, dream and imagine. I specially enjoy illustrating scenes of every day life and bringing to life more difficult issues such as feelings and mental health. My collaborations include Mighty Kind, LifeologyLIFE Ascent, The Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology (also known as The GIST) and The Glasgow Guardian
When I am not drawing or painting I like to spend my days playing board games with my family, watching a movie or just daydreaming.
Any queries or commisions or just to say hi, please email to emmagmillustration@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by! 
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